Russian Authors' Society (RAO)

The All-Russian non-governmental organization Russian Authors' Society (RAO)
was created by the authors and author’s successors to realize and protect authors’ rights in the sphere of intellectual activity. The fundamental principles of the Society are transparency, right holders’ control over activity, voluntary and equivalent membership and availability of generated democratic self-government institutions. RAO carries out its activity in the whole territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with its By-law.

The main objective of RAO:

  • Management of property rights of authors (their successors) on a collective basis in cases when their practical realization in an individual order inconveniently (the public use, broadcast and TV transmission, reproduction of products by mechanical, magnetic record, reproduction, duplicating of products graphic and arts and crafts in the industries and other cases) on a basis of the agreements of RAO’s membership;
  • Assistance to authors (their successors) to transfer the rights of use of products of a science, the literature and art on an individual basis;
  • Representation of legitimate interests of authors (their successors) both in the state and public authorities and the organizations, also abroad according to agreements on mutual representation of interests with foreign organizations — partners of RAO.

RAO today is:

  • More than twenty thousand Russian authors and their successors (playwrights, composers, writers, poets, artists, choreographers and other categories of authors) who has mandated RAO the right on management of the property rights on a collective basis under the corresponding agreement(s);
  • More than seventy thousand Russian scientists whose interests are represented by RAO when translating and publication of their articles in foreign scientific magazines;
  • Nearby one million foreign authors and their successors whose interests are represented by RAO in the whole territory of Russia in accordance with the agreements on mutual representation of interests with foreign organizations;
  • More than one hundred fifty agreements on mutual representation of interests with foreign partners from 66 countries of the Europe, the United States of America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Chairman of the Board of Directors Sergey Fedotov.